Welcome to my site!

Here are some of the things I’ve done:

  • The launch of Henk
    A short writeup about the launch of Henk, mainly so I can share some of the awesome pictures and video’s it produced
  • MM-38 Static Test Attempt #2
    The first successful test of MM-38. And it only took 2 years.
  • Rocketry Compilation 2022
    Another year, another compilation
  • “Perigee-2” Rocket Launch
    The troubled launch of Perigee-2, which chose to pursue its passion of skywriting instead of going up as planned. Also the first launch which had been equipped with avionics (A simple altimeter)
  • “Perigee” Rocket Launch (BTIR-2)
    A rather lengthy report detailing the fantastic launch of BTIR-2, which reached more than a 100 meters of altitude, and was recovered intact to boot!
  • BTIR-2 Perigee Design & Plan
    The design and philosophy of BTIR-2 ‘Perigee’ Featuring modular design, 3d printing, and cool looking blueprints.
  • R-14 Test Results
    A field report of R-14, which produced more than 1.5 kilograms (!!) of force, and was recorded in 4K from a drone!
  • R-13 Test Results
    The test results from R-13, which is the second rocket to break the 1kg barrier, and which set a personal record in strength!
  • R-12 Test Results
    A report detailing the test of R-12, and why it went so differently than planned.
  • Toilet TuneZ 2000
    A motion activated music system for my toilet, for fun and profit.
  • 2021 Rocketry Compilation
    The second compilation, celebrating yet another year of rocketry
  • Denneth’s Fantabulous ASCII Games Compendium #1
    A few small console games I made.
  • QND 8 bit Computation System
    My first foray into the magical world of digital logic, done badly, and mainly out of boredom.
  • BTIR-1 Test
    The first test of the BTIR system, with very exiting (if unexpected) results
  • MIL-C-44072C: Brownies, Chocolate Covered
    My second attempt at baking brownies following military guidelines
  • MM-38 Static Test Attempt #1
    A report of the first (failed) attempt to test MM-38 Featuring rain and horses
  • BTIR Project Concept and Developments
    Proposal for a very simple unguided rocket without parachute, for fun and science
  • MM-38 Fuel Preparation And Casting
    Babies first BATES grain’s, and how they were made
  • Rocket Altitude Estimator
    A simple program to estimate flight performance, from nakka’s calculations
  • Gold Calculator
    Want to calculate what your weight in gold would be worth, how about silver? either way this is the program for you!
  • Money Calculator
    A program I wrote in 20 minutes to calculate my allowance over time, includes the source code and a download
  • Igniter, Electrical, Type II, BP
    A new and improved type of igniter I developed, specially suited for use in MM-38 Goes well with Coffee, Instant, Type 2, Spray Dried
  • STS-XL
    The 20 times as strong Static Test Stand eXtra Large specifically designed to test MM-38
  • R-10 Test Results
    The 10’th rocket test after rocket 0, the 5th casing 2.0 iteration, also being the first to not suffer from miscellaneous structural failure
  • Gifted Engine: MM-H-38
    A article all about the recently received MM-38 rocket motor, featuring dimensions, a banana, and a design or 2 of my own
  • ICBM-B V2
    Details regarding the newest iteration of the ICBM-B system, featuring premium cellulose construction and actual schematics
  • Impulse Calculator 2000
    A program I wrote to calculate impulse from STTS readings (with download and detailed explanations of the math behind it)
  • Prototype Parachute Development (1/2)
    Development and testing of exploratory parachute systems, also known as me chucking stuff from a balcony
  • Miscellaneous March Projects
    A spiritual successor to the January 2021 Report, featuring a flame resistant STTS and radio gizmo’s
  • Rocket Flight Computer Version 1.2
    The first version of a prototype flight computer, which seems to have been doomed from the start and will possibly never fly
  • First PEST Test
    A small cannon to shoot out parachutes. a Rocket Cannon. Rocket. Cannon.
  • ICBM-Micro
    The small brother of the main ICBM system, developed to allow for low current igniters, for in flight use
  • R-9 Test Results
    The first Casing 2.0 test featuring the improved nozzle assembly, which failed to live up to its potential due to some below average fuel
  • January 2021 Report
    As the title implies, some projects and preparations made during January
  • R-8 Test Results
    Third test of Casing 2.0, this time with cast gypsum nozzles
  • 2020 Rocketry Compilation
    The new year special, consisting of a video compilation of all tests conducted in 2020
  • R-7 Test Results
    The second, slightly more successful casing 2.0 test, and some 3D printing shenanigans
  • Rocket 6 Static Test Results (Casing 2.0 first test)
    The first test of the (then) new casing 2.0 design, with a spiky thrust graph and interesting failure modes
  • Casing 2.0
    A in depth explanation of the first casing 2.0 design
  • Rocket 3-5 static test results
    3 more static tests, featuring the first engine to break the 1kg thrust barrier
  • Rocket 1-2 Static Tests
    The first 2 static tests, with amazing results!
  • ICBM And Igniter Overhaul
    The first major overhaul of the ICBM system, now 100% more reliable!
  • Static Thrust Test Stand (STTS)
    Details regarding the first iteration of the STTS system
  • Minor Rocket Launch Failure
    A minor failure of the launch, not a minor rocket failing to launch
  • The Plan
    My very optimistic phase 2 plans
  • KNSB Rocket Propellant and Launch
    First test launch of a Sorbitol based sugar rocket, and the procedure used to make it
  • New Rocket Propellant (Gunpowder)
    Details from a short detour about using gunpowder as rocket fuel (which ended up going nowhere, literally)
  • Rocket Launch 3
    Footage from the trails and tribulation of unguided short range near horizontal rocket tests
  • Improvised Ball Mill, Followup
    A short followup about the first ball mill experiment, detailing the resulting fuel
  • Improvised Ball Mill
    A short about The Wondrous Mechanical Maurits™, which was intended to grind down chemicals and mix them together
  • Igniter Box
    A write up detailing the first version of the ever evolving ICBM system
  • Rocket Launch 2 (Failure)
    Another test where I grossly overestimated my engine’s performance, and ended up with a smoke bomb instead
  • First Rocket Launch (Failure)
    A very brief report of when I overestimated my rocket performance, and try to launch a rocket made of toilet paper rolls and duct tape It didn’t go well
  • 12 Meter Test
    A very short write up about calculating the speed a rocket reaches traversing a 12 meter rope
  • Simulated Weight Test
    The one where I got too exited about how my engines were doing and grossly overestimated how much they could propel
  • No Bake Rocket Construction
    A step by step breakdown of the old procedure used to make small rocket engines without having to melt the propellant
  • The Rockets So Far
    A short compilation featuring most of the engine tests and experiments performed before starting this site

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