Rocket 1-2 Static Tests

The first 2 static tests, with amazing results!

Today I made 4 and a half rockets, and even managed to test 2 (not bad for 1.5 hours)

Here are the (Amazing!) results:

Rocket 1:

Rocket 1 (notice how the volume lowers, this is due to the giant BANG of the nozzle blowing out, also notice how the igniter worked instantly and flawlessly)

Rocket 2:

The Results:

There are 2 things that i have learned from this other than peak thrust, and that is that
1. My scale needs a higher resolution to account for the faster burn time
2. I need stronger / different nozzles to hold the pressure
Now, for the STTS readouts:

There are a few things to note here
For one: 864 grams!
That is the best result yet, and it is mostly reproducible

Another thing to note is the -12 at the end of the peak, this is the approximate fuel burned +- 5 gram to account for measurement inconsistencies and the nozzle
some measurements later:

Weight TableRocket 1Rocket 2
Take off 2-5 grams to account for the nozzle, the rest is propellant

The total burn time is 1.6 for rocket 1 about 1.9 seconds for rocket 2
It would probably be more if the nozzle could have held the pressure
I am guessing that if the nozzle would have held, it would have reached more than 1kg of thrust

I think rocket two burned slower and thus the nozzle held out better, resulting in less peak thrust sustained for longer

The ICBM also worked with 100% effectiveness with the new method, and the wire igniting Rocket 1 survived perfectly, and can potentially be reused too

I also took some pictures of Rocket 1 before launch and the setup used:

Rocket 1 with igniter in
Igniter Wire After
The setup (My fellow rocketeer has been blocked out due to european privacy laws)
Pictured are: My laptop for storing measurements, the STTS for taking measurements, ICBM Secondary Ignition Module (The cardboard box), and a Sony Handicam®
Both Rockets have also been mounted to my wall and labeled with their statistics

I still have 2 and a half rockets left which I will try to fire before next week

I will also start working on better nozzles and increasing the reading speed (and thus resolution) of the STTS

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