Casing 2.0

A in depth explanation of the first casing 2.0 design

A more detailed explanation of the new Casing 2.0 design

The objective of this new design is to reduce nozzle blowout and thus increase thrust, and improve structural integrity

This is (hopefully) achieved by having 2 different sizes of pipes, one for the fuel and one for structural and thermal stability, with a metal washer functioning as the nozzle held in place in the big tube by a 1 cm piece of the small tube glued to the big tube

This is rather confusing to explain, which is why I have made a 3d model to show a cross-section of:

Made in fusion 360
and paint…

The idea is that having a metal nozzle should stop the nozzle itself being destroyed, and with all the forces trying to push it out it should only need reinforcement from the exit side

The plastic will melt and deform, but as long as this does not impede on operation this is fine, since only the washer is reused

The standard clay bulkhead stays (for now) since its easy and has yet to fail, and would provide a point of controlled failure to prevent casing rupture and RUD (Rapid Unplanned Disassembly)

Whether C-2.0 will work or not is a matter of testing and iterating, which is being done (also see, Rocket 6)

I will try to post changes, tweaks and observations here, but no promises
(Note to self, still need to and should do this)

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