Money Calculator

A program I wrote in 20 minutes to calculate my allowance over time, includes the source code and a download

I have a weekly allowance, and because I wanted to understand how much that amounted to I got the inspiration to develop this simple program: Money Calculator


It simply takes how much money you receive over time, and either or both how much time you are receiving over and how much you want and instantly get the results of these simple calculations

So if one wants to know how many days it would take to get a item of X money, or want to know how much money one shall receive over X time, this program can show you just that!

While it has been designed for the explicit purpose of showing me how long I have to wait to get x item, it could also be used to calculate the same for you, whether it be allowance, salary, or something completely out of the box like bowling balls per square meter

Its source code is available on GitHub here, and the compiled executable for Microsoft Windows can be found here (for if you don’t care about the code and just want the program)

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment, draft up a issue / pull request, or Email me

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