Rocket Launch 2 (Failure)

Another test where I grossly overestimated my engine’s performance, and ended up with a smoke bomb instead

Tried again with a bigger rocket, still not enough trust

Wide Shot, Grass in the way and unnecessary since the thing did not move
Handheld back shot made by my friend
Back shot made with my Colleges Phone

In Conclusion the rocket was still under powered even with the bigger format
and or the test rocket was too heavy for this
Another thing of note is that launch configuration should be flipped to prevent the launch “stick” from being in the direct flame, causing potential dangerous and unpredictable situations

Some testing will be required with controlled vertical launches without the rocket body

To Do:

  • Further testing
  • Electrical Controller and Igniter Box (W.I.P)
  • Force Measurement Device (W.I.P)
  • Tests of different propellant types (mainly cast sorbitol)
  • Understanding of nozzle theory and the correct drilling of such
  • Other

I received another recording, which will be displayed here

The Brave man who filmed this stood his ground and received the full might of the giant smoke cloud

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