The launch of Henk

A short writeup about the launch of Henk, mainly so I can share some of the awesome pictures and video’s it produced

For a while now12+ years, my goal in rocketry has been to launch a rocket, to an altitude of 1 kilometer, and then have it land safely under a parachute.

You can not even image how happy … Read More

MM-38 Static Test Attempt #2

The first successful test of MM-38.
And it only took 2 years.

I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

GLaDOS, Portal

Almost 2 years ago, I stepped out into a field, attempting to test this brand new motor I received, and utterly failed.

Today, I succeeded not only in testing … Read More

“Perigee-2” Rocket Launch

The troubled launch of Perigee-2, which chose to pursue its passion of skywriting instead of going up as planned.
Also the first launch which had been equipped with avionics (A simple altimeter)

It all looked so easy when you did it on paper
where valves never froze, gyros never drifted,
and rocket motors did not blow up in your face.

Milton W. Rosen, Rocket engineer, 1956

On the 14’th of this month, … Read More

BTIR-2 Perigee Design & Plan

The design and philosophy of BTIR-2 ‘Perigee’
Featuring modular design, 3d printing, and cool looking blueprints.

After the eventful launch of BTIR-1, and some consultation with a very patient expert, it was decided that BTIR-1 had some stability issues.

BTIR-2 is here to try and rectify this, because learning from mistakes is how learning works.

First … Read More

BTIR Project Concept and Developments

Proposal for a very simple unguided rocket without parachute, for fun and science

Introduction & Concept

After a bout of boredom powered inspiration, I have conceived of a ‘stopgap’ rocket to tide me over until proper launches can be conducted
Introducing: the BTIR, or Ballistic Trajectory and Impact Rocket

Read More

Igniter, Electrical, Type II, BP

A new and improved type of igniter I developed, specially suited for use in MM-38
Goes well with Coffee, Instant, Type 2, Spray Dried

With the first test fire of MM-38 coming ever closer, a new type of igniter had to be developed

It has to be:

  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • Simple
  • Easy to produce
  • Compatible with ICBM-V2
  • Small, so it can be inserted into the
Read More


The 20 times as strong Static Test Stand eXtra Large specifically designed to test MM-38


After being gifted such a beast of a engine it was quickly deduced that a different Static Test Stand had to be devised and built for proper testing

It took allot of time, resources and outside help, but its … Read More

Gifted Engine: MM-H-38

A article all about the recently received MM-38 rocket motor, featuring dimensions, a banana, and a design or 2 of my own

I recently got into contact with a veteran experimental rocketeer, who generously provided his help with my rocketry program

He generously provided help designing my own engine (more on that later), lent us a Emco Unimat 3 lathe to build … Read More

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