Rocket Launch 3

Footage from the trails and tribulation of unguided short range near horizontal rocket tests

A Test had been conducted testing the Electrical Ignition System and the engines ability to propel themselves against gravity

Rocket 1 (Small Relative Diameter)

Closeup (With countdown, Dutch)
Vertical Footage
Rocket Before Launch
At the top you can see the igniter sticking out
Rocket After Launch

Rocket 1 was a tremendous success!

there were some troubles with igniters failing to ignite, and the spinning caused by flawed aerodynamics and a misplaced nozzle, but overall it was a success

Further improvements are a nosecone and fins, I am looking into the possibility of 3d printing them

Now, Rocket 2 (Bigger Relative Diameter) is a different story

Closeup with best sound
Vertical Footage
Length Traveled marked by duct tape

There were a few problems with this launch

First off, the igniters refused to work, resulting in me having to resort to a unreliable fuse, which worked after 2 attempts

The other problem is that it got stuck in the pipe, this is due to the larger diameter which is almost the same as the inner diameter as the large pipe, and the fact that the large pipe had a bend in it, causing it to collide with the inner walls and stop moving

FRIN (Further Research Is Needed) to prove whether or not this engine is worth making (Spoilers: it was not)

Overall this was great, and provided some much needed data

Next project is the Rocket Trust Testing Stand

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