Rocket Launches

  • The launch of Henk
    A short writeup about the launch of Henk, mainly so I can share some of the awesome pictures and video’s it produced
  • Rocketry Compilation 2022
    Another year, another compilation
  • “Perigee-2” Rocket Launch
    The troubled launch of Perigee-2, which chose to pursue its passion of skywriting instead of going up as planned. Also the first launch which had been equipped with avionics (A simple altimeter)
  • “Perigee” Rocket Launch (BTIR-2)
    A rather lengthy report detailing the fantastic launch of BTIR-2, which reached more than a 100 meters of altitude, and was recovered intact to boot!
  • BTIR-1 Test
    The first test of the BTIR system, with very exiting (if unexpected) results
  • Minor Rocket Launch Failure
    A minor failure of the launch, not a minor rocket failing to launch
  • KNSB Rocket Propellant and Launch
    First test launch of a Sorbitol based sugar rocket, and the procedure used to make it

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