ICBM And Igniter Overhaul

The first major overhaul of the ICBM system, now 100% more reliable!

For a while now, I needed a new, electrical way to ignite my rockets
After a generous donation of Ni-Chrome wire from a friend of mine and the purchase of a 12v lead-acid battery I went to work overhauling my ICBM (Igniter Control Box Module)

First I disassembled the entire module, and moved the relay to the end of the 5 meter wire instead of before

This way I could have the battery next to the rocket instead of next to me, meaning less power was lost trough distance

I eventually built it all into a cardboard box (a temporary solution until I can get / make / print a better casing)

Now, some pictures and videos of it in action:

Semi-Temporary Internals
Continuity Indicator, Arm Switch, Signal In, Igniter Out

When 2 buttons are held on the main ICBM module, it sends a 5v signal to the auxiliary module which switches the relay

The ni-chrome wire then heats to what i think is 800+ degrees Celsius and ignites a short length of fuse, causing ignition

Ni-Chrome Wire
Ni-Chrome Wire with fuse

This allows me to use my old fuses reliably and electrically, since they were useless for standalone ignition due to reliability problems

And, due to Ni-Chromes high melting point (1000+ degrees Celsius) it can be reused simply by placing a new length of fuse
This means they can also be reloaded in the field with no tools other than some pliers

I wanted to test it in practice too, so I put a small amount of gunpowder in some aluminum foil and tried it

Charge with igniter placed
ICBM in action
Closeup of charge ignition
Charge After
Wire after

This is now a lot better, easier, and more reliable than my previous iteration
and due to the previously mentioned high melting point, the wire can be reused even after use!

I will be making new rockets this week and testing them on my test stand, using the new ignition method
I will also work on improving this further, for example adding a auxiliary input to allow the thrust stand to ignite the rocket by itself without major rewiring

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