• “Perigee-2” Rocket Launch
    The troubled launch of Perigee-2, which chose to pursue its passion of skywriting instead of going up as planned. Also the first launch which had been equipped with avionics (A simple altimeter)
  • Toilet TuneZ 2000
    A motion activated music system for my toilet, for fun and profit.
  • QND 8 bit Computation System
    My first foray into the magical world of digital logic, done badly, and mainly out of boredom.
  • STS-XL
    The 20 times as strong Static Test Stand eXtra Large specifically designed to test MM-38
  • ICBM-B V2
    Details regarding the newest iteration of the ICBM-B system, featuring premium cellulose construction and actual schematics
  • Miscellaneous March Projects
    A spiritual successor to the January 2021 Report, featuring a flame resistant STTS and radio gizmo’s
  • Rocket Flight Computer Version 1.2
    The first version of a prototype flight computer, which seems to have been doomed from the start and will possibly never fly
  • ICBM-Micro
    The small brother of the main ICBM system, developed to allow for low current igniters, for in flight use
  • ICBM And Igniter Overhaul
    The first major overhaul of the ICBM system, now 100% more reliable!
  • Static Thrust Test Stand (STTS)
    Details regarding the first iteration of the STTS system
  • Improvised Ball Mill
    A short about The Wondrous Mechanical Maurits™, which was intended to grind down chemicals and mix them together
  • Igniter Box
    A write up detailing the first version of the ever evolving ICBM system

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