Static Tests

  • MM-38 Static Test Attempt #2
    The first successful test of MM-38. And it only took 2 years.
  • Rocketry Compilation 2022
    Another year, another compilation
  • R-14 Test Results
    A field report of R-14, which produced more than 1.5 kilograms (!!) of force, and was recorded in 4K from a drone!
  • R-13 Test Results
    The test results from R-13, which is the second rocket to break the 1kg barrier, and which set a personal record in strength!
  • R-12 Test Results
    A report detailing the test of R-12, and why it went so differently than planned.
  • MM-38 Static Test Attempt #1
    A report of the first (failed) attempt to test MM-38 Featuring rain and horses
  • STS-XL
    The 20 times as strong Static Test Stand eXtra Large specifically designed to test MM-38
  • R-10 Test Results
    The 10’th rocket test after rocket 0, the 5th casing 2.0 iteration, also being the first to not suffer from miscellaneous structural failure
  • Impulse Calculator 2000
    A program I wrote to calculate impulse from STTS readings (with download and detailed explanations of the math behind it)
  • Prototype Parachute Development (1/2)
    Development and testing of exploratory parachute systems, also known as me chucking stuff from a balcony
  • R-9 Test Results
    The first Casing 2.0 test featuring the improved nozzle assembly, which failed to live up to its potential due to some below average fuel
  • R-8 Test Results
    Third test of Casing 2.0, this time with cast gypsum nozzles
  • R-7 Test Results
    The second, slightly more successful casing 2.0 test, and some 3D printing shenanigans
  • Rocket 6 Static Test Results (Casing 2.0 first test)
    The first test of the (then) new casing 2.0 design, with a spiky thrust graph and interesting failure modes
  • Rocket 3-5 static test results
    3 more static tests, featuring the first engine to break the 1kg thrust barrier
  • Rocket 1-2 Static Tests
    The first 2 static tests, with amazing results!

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