January 2021 Report

As the title implies, some projects and preparations made during January

After getting a 3d printer and not having anything major to work on, alot of small QOL improvements have been made over the month, most of these are compiled here

I printed a small phone clamp to mount my phone on a tripod, this serves as a backup camera during tests

The STTS also got some much needed attention in the form of a 3d printed part to reduce wiggling and measurement anomalies resulting from wobble

I also made it fully software controlled, so I never have to run over to the rocket to start or stop readings

I also upgraded my 3d printed, increasing its personality by roughly 48%

Meet Dave, the little 3d printer that could

I also got a infrared thermometer, to make temperature measurements a breeze and as such make fuel processing a lot safer, by reducing measurement time from 30 seconds to 1, and increasing accuracy, this should make melting compositions a lot easier and safer

And behind the screens, a lot of work has been going on in preparation of a flight computer, mainly creating a framework for the control program

Me and a friend are currently coding a local web interface for graphical graphing of data and showing gps coords, which will be displayed in the program, and some other stuff
(turns out web interfaces or even live telemetry was not the way to go after all)

I also expect the parts required for the flight computer to be in early February, but it cannot be deployed until both reliable parachutes and rockets have been produced and proven to work as expected

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