Igniter Box

A write up detailing the first version of the ever evolving ICBM system

In a effort to improve reliability and versatility of igniting pyrotechnical compositions I have devised the Igniter Control Box Module (ICBM)

Full Overview (Dutch)
Quick Demo
Live Test

It Contains a Arduino Uno with a 4 relay board, making upgrading or tweaking the behavior easy
Start, Stop and Motor On are all readable by the Arduino, the Arduino can switch the relays, so it could be made to be multi channel if needed
The Emergency Stop physically breaks contact between the relay and the Igniter leads (both poles)

As for the igniter itself (E-Match) it is a bit of steel sponge wire, wound around a match
When it is attached to a 9 volt battery the steel wire begins to glow and ignites the match, which can ignite further pyrotechnic compounds, fuses, or the insides of rocket engines
Fun Fact: The Russians use something very similar for the Soyuz rocket

The PZU, which is a russian acronym for “pyrotechnic ignition device”
it works in much of the same way, but bigger
these are mounted in the rocket engines, there is a bit of igniter wire in the pyrotechnical charge, and only when all of the wires have burned trough, breaking connection, the rocket can be launched, since that means all have ignited

For more information check out this article

Potential Upgrades:

  • Countdown Timer (Using Start and Stop buttons, and a 7-segment display)
  • Wireless upgrade (Internal transmitter, Second Arduino with relay, battery and receiver)
  • Whatever else is needed

For now I mainly need some longer wires

Many thanks to a great friend who generously supplied the control box which was adapted for this ongoing project, and provided plenty of support to get me up and running
Thank you!

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