QND 8 bit Computation System

My first foray into the magical world of digital logic, done badly, and mainly out of boredom.

(Disclaimer: This article has not been simplified for a general audience and thus employs a large amount of technobabble and takes knowledge of low level computer logic for granted, beware)

For a number of years now, the idea of making … Read More

Rocket Altitude Estimator

A simple program to estimate flight performance, from nakka’s calculations

The Program

Rocket Estimation, Altitude CalculatoR, or REACT, is a small program I wrote to give a quick and rough estimation of a rocket’s flight performance

The formulas are blatantly stolen from Richards nakka’s .PDF on the subject

First, the … Read More


The 20 times as strong Static Test Stand eXtra Large specifically designed to test MM-38


After being gifted such a beast of a engine it was quickly deduced that a different Static Test Stand had to be devised and built for proper testing

It took allot of time, resources and outside help, but its … Read More

Impulse Calculator 2000

A program I wrote to calculate impulse from STTS readings (with download and detailed explanations of the math behind it)

Ever since I made my STTS system and started testing my rockets on it I have wanted a way to calculate impulse from it, specifically in newton seconds

I quickly found nakka’s article on the subject, and after alot of … Read More

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