The launch of Henk

A short writeup about the launch of Henk, mainly so I can share some of the awesome pictures and video’s it produced

For a while now12+ years, my goal in rocketry has been to launch a rocket, to an altitude of 1 kilometer, and then have it land safely under a parachute.

You can not even image how happy … Read More

MM-38 Static Test Attempt #2

The first successful test of MM-38.
And it only took 2 years.

I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

GLaDOS, Portal

Almost 2 years ago, I stepped out into a field, attempting to test this brand new motor I received, and utterly failed.

Today, I succeeded not only in testing … Read More

“Perigee-2” Rocket Launch

The troubled launch of Perigee-2, which chose to pursue its passion of skywriting instead of going up as planned.
Also the first launch which had been equipped with avionics (A simple altimeter)

It all looked so easy when you did it on paper
where valves never froze, gyros never drifted,
and rocket motors did not blow up in your face.

Milton W. Rosen, Rocket engineer, 1956

On the 14’th of this month, … Read More

“Perigee” Rocket Launch (BTIR-2)

A rather lengthy report detailing the fantastic launch of BTIR-2, which reached more than a 100 meters of altitude, and was recovered intact to boot!

Due to the complexities of launching a full rocket, I have split up this report into 4 sections:
Igniter, Type IIb, HQ
Launch Setup
The Launch

After years of development, and a month of preparation, the first fully successful … Read More


The 20 times as strong Static Test Stand eXtra Large specifically designed to test MM-38


After being gifted such a beast of a engine it was quickly deduced that a different Static Test Stand had to be devised and built for proper testing

It took allot of time, resources and outside help, but its … Read More

KNSB Rocket Propellant and Launch

First test launch of a Sorbitol based sugar rocket, and the procedure used to make it

First off all this will be in two parts
The making of and the first launch
This is to keep things organized and readable
so, first:

The Making

After some research, I had concluded that the best and easiest form … Read More

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