R-9 Test Results

The first Casing 2.0 test featuring the improved nozzle assembly, which failed to live up to its potential due to some below average fuel

I have recently acquired new materials for use in casing construction

The idea is that instead of locating a nozzle manifold on the inside of the rocket casing, it is placed directly on top, and then held in place with … Read More

Rocket 6 Static Test Results (Casing 2.0 first test)

The first test of the (then) new casing 2.0 design, with a spiky thrust graph and interesting failure modes

After acquiring new materials I immediately made a test rocket using my proposed Casing 2.0 design, here are the resulting results

(Due to a interesting casing failure I will also do a “frame by frame” analysis down below)

Peak thrust:
Read More

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